"Drumming Kinship"

DRUMMING KINSHIP is the bond between Anika Nilles and Claus Hessler! Coming April 12-17 in Limoux / France. Special Guest: Camille Bigeault!

DRUMMING KINSHIP is the formation of Anika and Claus Hessler plus special Guest Camille Bigeault. At the camp it is about a relaxed “hands-on” personal atmosphere; it is all about learning, improving, and enjoying the fun of music. Have a look behind the scenes with performing and practicing routines of Anika, Camille, and Claus. Understand their strategies, practice concepts and learn how to apply them to your level, your settings, your skills.

Anika & Nevell "Tour"

Make sure to catch one of Anikas Shows with her Band “Nevell” when they get on fire! More dates will be added soon!

Tickets and more dates here!


Anika just recently got nominated for German jazz awards in the category drums & percussion. The award show will happen on April 27th in Bremen / Germany.