What is "Drumming Kinship" ?

DRUMMING KINSHIP is the bond between Anika and Claus Hessler in a very special Masterclass layout it’s all about a relaxed “hands-on” personal atmosphere; it is all about learning, improving, and enjoying the fun of music. You’ll get a look behind the scenes with performing and practicing routines of Anika, and Claus. Understand their strategies, practice concepts and learn how to apply them to your level, your settings, your skills.

Anika Nilles ft. Nevell

New Dates for 2024 are on! See you out there!

Masterclasses in UK

We are thrilled to announce two Masterclasses in the UK! 

April 8th at Future Yard – Birkenhead – on Stage Masterclass

April 9th at Bell Percussion by Mike Dolbear – intense 3h hands on Masterclass

levels can range from intermediate to pro.