"Drumming Kinship"

DRUMMING KINSHIP is the bond between Anika Nilles and Claus Hessler! Coming April 12-17 in Limoux / France.

Special Guest: Camille Bigeault!

With DRUMMING KINSHIP you will learn about the common conceptual ground between Anika and Claus, be exposed to their methods and teachings and ultimately learn how to streamline your own path in music and drumming.

All of this is happening in a relaxed “hands-on” personal atmosphere; it is all about learning, improving, and enjoying the fun of music. Have a look behind the scenes with performing and practicing routines of Anika, Camille, and Claus.

Anika & Nevell "Tour"

Anika and her guys will be on the road in December! This is the first part of their EP release Tour! Tickets and more dates here!

NEW in Webshop

Anikas webshop is prepped with some NEW Merch and more! Fresh: an audio CD of “Opuntia” is our latest addition!

On many requests in the past, we also have a brand new signing card ready for you! Anika will sign this per hand with dedication for you! Check out the store and get your Christmas gifts ready!