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New Album “for a colorful soul” is coming January 10th! Pre Order HEREThe sound of Nevell is a melting pot of numerous influences ranging from Jazz, Funk, Rock, Pop, and anything in-between, held together with a strong focus on the drum beats and synth tones. „For a colorful soul“ really serves to portrait the immense talent of each member in Nevell, and also makes room for a guest appearance by the acclaimed Percussionist Nate Werth. But, more importantly, the album is rounded off with really catchy themes and some beautifully melodic soloing, making these songs likely to resonate with any listener, regardless of their musical background.


Anika built up a name for herself over the last six years as a Youtube sensation, boasting almost 20 million views on her drum videos featuring original compositions, as well as being a solo artist touring through Europe, China and North America. Anika’s playing style is distinguished by her strong groove, her finesse in technique, and her unique sound! Her use of the drum set as an expressive instrument rather than just a rhythm keeper allows for some extravagant playing without stealing the focus away from the music. She has released various singles, as well as a debut album “Pikalar” (under Sakurai Records), all of which earned spaces on several of the top music charts all around the world. Upon release, “Pikalar” was immediately listed on the ‘iTunes 200 Top Rock Releases’ chart in the USA and climbed its way to number 113 (a remarkable feat for a mostly instrumental album). Well known in the drumming community, Anika won the ‘Modern Drummer Readers Poll’ for ‘Up And Coming Artist’ as well as ‘#1 Rising Star’ in “DRUM!” Magazine in 2015 and 2016 as well as beeing voted to `#3 for best educator`on UK drummies awards in 2017. She made it 2 times on #2 for best fusion Drummer by “Modern Drummer Magazin” and lately She won #1 for best Clinician / Educator on “Music Radar Magazin”.

With NEVELL, Anika pulled together a group of three energetic and passionate musicians to help turn her music into a spectacular live show.

Dates 2020

01/24 NEVELL / Regensburg / GER

01/24 Masterclass / Regensburg / GER

02/21 Drumeo Festival / Vancouver / CAN

02/24 Drum Clinic / Gits / B

02/25 Drum Clinic / Amsterdam / NL

02/26 Drum Clinic / Bordaux / FR

02/27 Drum Clinic / Toulouse / FR

03/12 Nevell / Pistoia /IT

03/22 Drumming Kinship / Freibrug / GER

03/29 Galway Drum Show / IRL

03/31 Drum Clinic / Derby / UK at Rattle and Drum

04/01 Drum Clinic / Birmingham / UK at PMT

04/02 Drum Clinic / Cardiff / UK at Drum Depot

04/03 Drum Clinic / Wembley / UK at Wembley Music Centre

04/24 Drum Camp / Staufen / GER

04/25 Drum Camp / Staufen / GER

04/26 Drum Camp / Staufen / GER

05/02 Drum Clinic / Tokyo / JP

05/23 Miss Foxy / Kirchheim / GER

05/30 Miss Foxy / Hesselbach / GER

07/05  360° Drum Camp / FR

07/10 AN Groove Camp / Tuscany / I

07/11 AN Groove Camp / Tuscany / I

07/12 AN Groove Camp / Tuscany / I

07/18 Miss Foxy / Wendlingen / GER

09/26 UK Drumshow / Manchester / UK

more Dates announcements coming soon!


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