Anika Nilles

Drummer. Composer. Educator.

Anika Nilles

Drummer. Composer. Educator.


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anika nilles

Winning multiple awards as one of the finest modern drummers to explode on to the scene in 2014, German Anika Nilles is proof that it is never too late to start. She didn’t take up the sticks professionally until she turned 26, but she has never looked back since. Boasting over 20 million views on social media platforms performing her music, she is an initiator of the “modern age” of todays drumming scene.

Playing with sophistication, style and a musical finesse that is rarely witnessed behind the drums, she is an inspiration to women the world over in what has been a traditionally male-dominated industry. Fierce and determined, she pours over her kit creating melodies through rhythmic complexities that normally sit within other sections of the band. This is no drum machine keeping the beat, this is percussive instrumentation on a whole new level. That also caught the attention of legendary and Grammy winning Guitarist “Jeff Beck”, who called her to join his touring Band lately.

Anika’s sound is a melting pot of influences ranging from Jazz, Funk, Rock, Pop, and anything in-between. Her vibrant personality as a performer is etched on her face as she explores every opportunity to build a new narrative from behind the drum riser.

Besides her musical career, Anika is passionate about education as well. She is department Chief at Germanys  “POPAKADEMIE” and is writing columns on a regular base for “drums&percussion” magazine. Her work as author includes articles at DRUM! magazine (US) and “Rhythm” (UK). She released her first educational book “PAD BOOK” along with Alfred Music in 2020.

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