I’m happy to share the news of my first book release as and author and educator. With the “PAD BOOK” I put together many ideas and exercises based on my drum set playing. The idea of this book is to take those topics and bring them down on a pad for traveling or living room situations when no drum set is around. It is great to keep your hands agile and dive deeper into effective methods that really improve your playing.

It is full of fundamental workouts which deal with accents, phrasings and stickings in regular and odd note values, mixed meters, hand independence and polyrhythms on 280 pages. The result is a complete system with triplets, 16th notes, quintuplets, sextuplets and septuplets, which are broken down into individual steps starting with a very basic layout before moving to more complex rhythms. The focus is on building up and consolidating fundamentals across all note values, raising awareness on a feel for time and rhythm, and presentation of many possibilities on how you can expand acquired skills. Back on the drum kit you will find that you can focus on more specific, musically relevant topics such as sound, orchestration, and dynamics, since the hands, body, and mind have already internalized the basics practiced on the pad.

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Another great release has been happening through the last days. Along with Meinl Cymbals we build a very smart practice Pad called “SPLIT TONE PAD”. You might have seen it somewhere on my social media and can check it out at your local store. The Split Tone Pad consists of three distinct surfaces that offer different feels and volume levels, along with a reduced rebound section on the back. It is designed to train more than a simple rudiment. With the Split Tone Pad, you can creatively mold your own systematic approach to advance your consistency, accuracy in unisons, hand independence and muscle strength. The power of this pad is in its ability to train your ears and mind for a better understanding of rhythms. The biggest difference oft he pad to many others is the mute section to get one hand very quiet and put the other one in focus. This is a huge help to understand stickings and patterns faster or from a other perspective.


This is a transcription book of seven of Anika Nilles original songs. It is only available as a print version and exclusive at this store. All notations are based on the YouTube video version. For more details check out the store.