MIDI Library of Anikas Signature Grooves

Along with the amazing guys from Get Good Drums – Anika released a “fluid fusion” Midi Groove pack which includes some of her very unique signature Grooves. She recorded 15 Tracks in even and odd meters including 15 Groove and Fill variations each. A lot to work with for your own songwriting. 


Get the “Fluid Fusion” pack here !

Anika Nilles / NEVELL
Vinyl release

Anika and her Band Nevell release their studio live session concert from the little big beat studios on vinyl. The session has been happened in front of a limited audience and   is recorded on tape. The vinyl includes 6 tracks such as Pikalar and Wild Boy and will be just happening as very limited edition.

Signature Stick

I’ve developed a signature Stick with the great folks from Promark which has just been released. We’ve have worked on this stick for quite a while and I’m super happy it turned out exactly how I had it in mind! check all further specs/info at my web store.