S K Y P E    L E S S O N S

Anika has the great option to do in Person and Skype lessons at her studio in Mannheim. Sent us a message to get more information about single lessons, regular lessons or a 2 days intense course. 

Lesson inquiry: booking@anikanilles.com

*  Please add some quick information about your level and interest for your lesson content

*  The Skype lessons will be scheduled online. If you are interested in having a lesson through Skype, you will get further information about the procedure after contacting us.

*  For the lessons you need a stabile wifi access while sitting on your drums or your Practice Pad


4 Month –  B L O C K   L E S S O N S


* the complete course includes 405 min lesson time

* each block is on 3x 45 min once a month

* lessons are one to one and in person in  Mannheim, Germany

* lessons will be adjusted to your level (from beginner to advanced/professional)

* dates can be scheduled from block to block

Costs: 645 €

Block Costs 215 €

for registration and questions send an Email to booking@anikanilles.com


I N T E N S E   C O U R S E

Lesson time: 2 Days intense Course, 9 hours one on one Lessons (4,5 hours a day )

Costs: 850 €

Location: studio / Mannheim / Germany

The course can also be done in 3x 3 hours segments within 6 weeks!

Info / Reservations: booking@anikanilles.com

In this course Anika breaks down her knowledge based on your personal interest. All will be happen in her Studio in Mannheim. This course aims to all drummers from beginner to semi-professionals who wants to put their skills to the next level. This course has been taken by a lot of Drummers as a preparation to their music university audition.

The content will be prepared 75 % by Anika and 25% by the student. As a Student you are involved in the preparations which makes your course more individual.

The studio is located in Mannheim – which is a 40 min distance from FRA Airport. The course includes a handout and mp3 loops for your practice afterwards. Anika holds drum camps all around the world. She has been booked for many intense masterclasses on all kind of levels  (London Drumshow, Adams Drumworld, PASIC,  Musikmesse, Popakademie Mannheim, Musikhochschule Hannover, Drummersonly UK, Nexus ICA, and many more …). She also holds her own drum camps and is also a writer for Magazines DRUM! (USA); Drummer; Drums & Percussion (GER) and Drummer (UK). She’s an Instructor for DRUMEO, Popakademie Mannheim – University of popular music and music business, Nexus ICA and Onlinelessons.tv. suggestions for overnights: 

Mannheim Taxi service available here

Directions to the Location


 “….In my camp Ill guide you through different topics in drumming, practicing, teaching, recording and musical playing. It’s more then lessons, it’s an experience of sharing knowledge with a group of different drummers and personalities, which opens up  mind and perception. I’ll introduce you to my personal way how to learn, practice and play the drums. We all will learn from each other and deepen our knowledge.



Anika already hold G R O O V E   C A M P S several times in different countries like Germany, Italy, Greece and Poland. Anika offers  to book her Camp for your Country! Doesn’t matter if you’re a School,- Studio owner or a private person who has the craft to organizing it. The camp is based on three days of teaching  and always include accommodation, Food and overnight for the students. If you’d like to book her camp in your country please get in touch with Chris Ryan for more detail information of requirements and costs. booking@anikanilles.com

D R U M M I NG    K I N S H I P

From George L. Stone to Joe Morello, Sanford Moeller to Jim Chapin, Joe Morello to Dom Famularo, Alan Dawson to Tony Williams, Gary Chaffee to Vinnie Colaiuta… throughout the history of drumming there is an interesting parallel: Behind most influential drummers there is an influential teacher.

With Anika and Claus there are the same bonds: With Claus being a master student of Jim Chapin and Dom Famularo and Anika being one of the most influential contemporary drumset artists of the 21st century. Want to know more what made Anika the drummer she is? And have a view behind her concepts? And find out about the connection to her teachers? To learn about your own path in music and drumming? Then this package is for you!

Drumming Kinship is a

1 Day Masterclass at your facility/Drumschool or

3 Day treat intense Camp hosted by your facility, you as an organizer


for more information about Claus visit www.claushessler.com *for more information about how to get a host send an Email to:

info@anikanilles.com or claus@claushessler.com


Get first hand information from two knowledgable and internationally respected teachers and drumset-artists

Daily practicing routine workouts for pad and drumset

Hand and foot technique

Subdivision studies and groupings: How to create and use 21st century drumset applications.

Have a view behind Anika’s and Claus’s practicing and performance routines