I N T E N S E   C O U R S E

Lesson time: 9 hours (4,5 hours a day )
Costs: 600 €
Location: studio / Mannheim / Germany

Info / Reservations: booking@anikanilles.com

In this course Anika breaks down her knowledge in an intense situation between you and her. All will be happen in her Studio in Mannheim.

Special here is – the  content will be prepared 75 % by Anika and 25% by the student. As a Student you are involved in the preparations which makes your course more individual.

The studio is located in Mannheim – which is a 40 min distance drive from FRA Airport. The course includes a handout and mp3 loops for your practice afterwards.

Anika holds drum camps all around the world. She has been booked for many intense masterclasses on all kind of levels  (London Drumshow, Adams Drumworld, PASIC, Musikmesse, …). She also holds her own drum camps in the meanwhile and is also a writer for Magazines like DRUM!; Drummer; Drums & Percussion. She’s an Instructor for DRUMEO, Popakademie Mannheim – University of popular music and music business and Onlinelessons.tv.

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S K Y P E    L E S S O N S

“Hey Guys,
I have the great opportunity to do in Person and Skype lessons at my studio in Mannheim. If you like to have just a single lesson, or more regular lessons or an 2 day intense course. It is all possible.
For more information, get in touch with my agent chris. He will assist and answer all your questions.

Looking forward to hear from you!


Lesson inquiry: booking@anikanilles.com
chris ryan, assistant

Please add some quick information about your level and interest for your lesson content.  The Skype lessons will be scheduled online. If you are interested in having a lesson through Skype, you will get further information about the procedure after contacting us.


“Anika’s lessons are fantastic. First of all she has a great way of explaining things, and she is always so pleasant and kind! In my first lesson she immediately gave me advice about changing the dynamics between the kick, snare and hats, and about the positioning of the hats, which markedly improved my sound and made playing easier. One of the best things is that with her teaching method you don’t learn individual fills to learn and copy. She shows you a basic pattern with different stickings, which you can then orchestrate round the kit in countless variations.

Probably the best thing however is just listening to her drumming and demonstrating the patterns. Some drummers just sound incredible playing a simple groove or playing a fast fill – Anika is one of them. But nobody sounds like Anika. This makes every lesson an inspiration.”
(Alan – UK)